What’s your design background?

You’re going to balk at this.  My actual design background isn’t in fashion at all but rather in architectural design and drafting.  Yes, you read that correctly.  No fashion design background in the least.  And maybe it shows.  However, this is fun for me and a passion of mine.  Following a dream!

Where do you get your inspiration?

This is almost a trick question because as crazy as it sounds, inspiration just comes to me.  All it takes is one item and VOILA … before I know it, I’ve got a complete outfit.  It helps when you have an endless closet and aren’t out a penny like I am when playing on Polyvore.

What are some of your favorite stores and places to shop?

I actually don’t shop often.  Very strict budget here.
But, when I do …
Etsy – hands down!  Obscure, little known but oh so talented individuals out there!
Ebay – Love!!
Also, I personally rarely pay full price for anything I buy for myself.  Thrift stores all the way!

Why did you start a blog?

Great question!  There are so many brilliant fashion blogs out there to look to for advice.  Which is why I started blogging.  It looked fun to me.  And that’s what this is all about, fun.  I enjoy this emensily.  I love everything about fashion but the crowds of people.  This is my way of being able to participate.



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