Artistic Expression



I am not a professional, as you can see. Have taken no classes. In high school, I was in band instead of art. Of course elementary school I took art classes. However, that’s the extent of my artistic abilities. With all that being said, I do ♥ to draw. It has been apart of my expressive self from a very early age.   I’ve not looked in the back of a magazine in ages, so I may be telling more than I’d like.  Does anyone else remember the pictures in the back of the magazine?  Usually a cartoon bear to draw to sign up for art classes from home.  I mailed mine in on my own when I was a little bitty thing.  I don’t remember if I got in trouble or not.  I do know I looked in the mail for what seemed like years to me.  I’m sure it was only a few weeks I waited and then forgot about it.


No, I never did get anything back from them, sadly.  Broke my little heart … giggles.



business-card-cuteBusiness card design.  Hard to see the pink at the bottom.  Must change.


Without further ado …. Here are a few of the collections I have made.




Fairy Maiden Collection







Vita of Valish ~
Chronicles of an awakened Vampire, centuries old, through art expression.



Wilde Unknown Collection ~
Cabin by the lake.


Last but not least … What collection is complete without a little Gerard Butler in the mix.
Private Phantom