What’s A Doodle, Do?


What's A Doodle Do?


Multi-faceted in many different aspects.  I’ve had copious different phases to life.  Being Momma, of course, ranks number one and my first love of drafting a close second.  Loved taking a blank screen, inputting information obtained by Surveyor’s from the field and producing real life, working, living art.


Now, due to health reason, I am no longer able to work outside the home in a busy office environment.  Therefore, I keep mind busy with putting together outfits and room designs.  Have always loved clothes, shoes and hand bags.  What better way to stay busy than pursuing an endless closet in Polyvore land?  It’s been so much fun!


So, What’s a Doodle’er?   Well, according to my Uncle, I was a Doodle’er.  I still really don’t know what it actually is.  But, if he had anything to do with the name, I feel honored to be called one.  I have wore several different hats in my day, so as of earlier this month I decided I would try on the hat of entrepreneur.  Made A Little Bit of Doodle into a business out of my home.  Stick around … let’s see where this takes us!